Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What are leased beats?

A Beat Lease Agreement allows an artist to incorporate a producer’s instrumental beat into a new recording by the artist. In a Beat Lease Agreement, the producer maintains full ownership of the copyright in the beat while giving the artist either an exclusive or non-exclusive license to use the beat, for a set period of time and a set number of exploitations (sales and streams).

What file formats do you offer?

Depending on the purchased license – you could get Mp3, Wav and Trackout. For the STANADRD license – it is only Mp3; for the PREMIUM license it is Mp3 + Wav; and for the UNLIMITED & EXCLUSIVE license Agreements you would get Mp3 + Wav + Trackout.

How much are custom beats?

We do not yet offer custom beats. But if you are interested, please write us an email via the contact form, or to the following email address: office@zambeatz.com

Do you offer music services?

We do not yet offer music services. But if you are interested, please write us an email via the contact form, or to the following email address: office@zambeatz.com

Are the beats fully Untagged?

Yes. Once the beat is purchased, you will receive the untagged files. So the MP3/WAV or the Tracked out WAV stems will be without the ZAMBEATZ voicetag.

What are track outs?

It means that every sound of the beat (drums, snares, hit hats, instruments, samples, vocals etc.) will all be separated in high quality WAV audio files also known as stems. This is extremely beneficial because now your audio engineer will have more control over the editing, mixing and master process of the beat for the best sound possible.

What are the differences between the audio formats?

MP3s are smaller than WAV files because they are compressed using lossy compression. Lossy compression means that some information is lost when the files are made smaller. What is lost usually depends on the bitrate of the MP3. High-quality MP3s are less compressed; therefore, they discard less data, but they are usually larger in size than lower-quality MP3s.

WAV files are uncompressed and are made using the same audio specifications that CDs use. This is why a WAV ripped from a CD can sound just as good as the original CD version; it is an exact copy. It’s the lack of compression that makes the WAV file large. A three-minute MP3 encoded at a variable bit rate (VBR) averaging 211 kbps (kilobytes-per-second) can be around 5MB in size. A high-quality WAV file of the same song is nearly 10 times that at 45MB in size. We at Zambeatz recommend using WAV files at all times. We offer WAV files with the Premium, Unlimited and Exclusive rights options.

Do I need a PayPal account in order to purchase a beat?

Yes, you need a Paypal account in order to purchase a beat. But we will soon offer other payment options such as using all major credit and debit cards.

I haven’t received the beats I purchased

Please check your spam folder as they might have ended up there. Also, make sure you are checking the email account corresponding to your PayPal account. If you still don’t see anything, please contact us via the contact form or email address: office@zambeatz.com with your order number and we will send you everything.

Can I post my song on Youtube?

If you purchased any of our licenses, you’re allowed to post the song you make with that beat on YouTube! The non-exclusive license agreement allows you to post the songs you make with the beats on YouTube as music videos, songs with pictures, etc.

Technically we don’t allow Youtube monetization unless you buy the exclusive rights.

Can I sell my music on ITunes and Spotify?

Yes, you can sell your music everywhere you want. Our beats are royalty free so you get to keep 100% of the profits. Make sure you don’t exceed your Sale Units, if that happens you must upgrade your license.

Will you remove my beat from your website after purchasing?

The beat will be removed from zambeatz website only if you purchase the Exclusive rights for it.

What happens if someone purchases exclusive rights on the beat I’ve leased?

You will still be able to use the purchased beat. By purchasing any lease you will automatically receive a digital contract that grants you rights to continue use of the beat as long as the contractual agreements are not violated. However, you will not be able to upgrade your license.

How do I give credit to the producer?

In all projects where any part of the ZAMBEATZ beats instrumental is used, be sure to give credit in one of the following formats:

– “Produced by ZAMBEATZ”

– “Beat by ZAMBEATZ”

– “Original Music by ZAMBEATZ”.